My Experiment

Though I am sort of in the middle of the experiment, since I am having problems I thought I would write about it. I wasn’t going to till this weekend. But I read a friends blog post about writing and thought I would write about the problems while they are happening. I started a Hard Cider Late Sunday. 4 gallons of cider 1 gallon of no sugar added apple juice and 2 lbs. of Brown sugar.  I added champagne yeast when the mash was at 80-81 degrees. Put in the airlock and waited.

Two days went by and no CO2 so I called my supply guy. He said take a gravity reading. I hadn’t. And check it again Friday, if it hadn’t changed we’d look at other options.

My gravity reading yesterday was 1.05. My supply guy told me there can be sugars converting without CO2 production. I think I might have killed the yeast. I’ll know more Friday.


About genericbeerco

I am a new home brewer and these are my adventures into the world of making my own beer and hopefully other things.
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